• Best Phuckin hat around!

    "Bought my first phuckin hat a month ago. People ask me about it all the time, I will be ordering more!" -Jesse W.

  • Love it!

    Bought a hat and shirt for my boyfriend, he died laughing and wears them all the time!

    -Jessica S.

  • Very Comfortable

    Great quality apparel and hats. Definitely will be buying more!

    -Josh M.

  • Finally!!!

    Finally a brand that promotes the love of both waterfowl and upland hunting!

    -Dustin V.

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Your new favorite phuckin hat!

A hat so nice you could roost in it!

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Wild Phuck Clothing Co.

A comedic clothing brand for those who like to be a little wild. We are dedicated to quality, fun apparel sure to get a laugh while you’re out making memories.

  • Designed and distributed by a couple buddies who share the love of hunting and the outdoor lifestyle.

  • A portion of the proceeds will always go back to conservation because we give a phuck

  • Why promote that you only hunt ducks or pheasnts.. promote both at ONCE

  • When a Mommy Pheasant and a Daddy Duck love each other very much they come together an create a Phuckin Miracle!

Wild Phuck Clothing Co. is owned and opperated by Phowl Mouth LLC